I build user-friendly apps and interfaces for the modern web.

Hi, I am Fredrik. A frontend developer with a design background. The past 15 years I have been working for different agencies, latest with the great people at Netlife (awarded the best design and technology agency in Norway), where I also held the Head of Technology role. From January 2018 I decided to become an independent consultant and have never looked back.

Read about me on digi.no (Norwegian only)

See my full CV on LinkedIn

I mostly build web applications with some sort of complexity, either in regards of design/user experience or technical. Or both.

I quite often also take the role to help bridge the gap between design, development and business.

Sometimes I also do things like:

  • Tech-lead for hire
  • CTO for hire
  • Technology advising
  • Recruitment and training
  • Teaching and talks

A showcase of both personal projects and client works will come some time soon.

In the meantime you can find some code on Github.

Right now I am fully booked until January 2021.
Some days are available for workshops.

E-mail: post@fredrikjensen.com
Phone: (+47) 41 569 569

CV: LinkedIn
Code: Github

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